GOAL: Engage & Inform

I compose effective, intelligent prose
so compelling that it can't be ignored.

Behzad is a Writer


GOAL: Attract & Retain

I design graphics to capture attention
and focus it on the core message.

Behzad is a Designer


GOAL: Integrate & Customize

I craft custom software solutions to efficiently
collect, organize and present information.

Behzad is a Developer


GOAL: Inspire & Uplift

I devise engaging, targeted training to push
individuals and teams beyond perceived limits.

Behzad is a Trainer


GOAL: Solve & Improve

I investigate, assess, confer, plan and implement
solutions to propel organizations forward.

Behzad is a Consultant


Communication takes many forms. Whether we use words, images, physical movement, or even silence to express ourselves, it's critical that we get our point across clearly, completely and efficiently. I've devoted my life to this pursuit, both in my own interactions and in helping others with theirs.

I began this journey with the spoken word as a member of my high school Speech and Debate team. I continued it with the written word, first as a writer and editor for the school newspaper, then with nearly a dozen other publications during my undergraduate days at UCLA. Three of these pubs were newsmagazines I helped launch to fill voids where communities lacked a voice. The publishing experience expanded my communications work beyond words on paper. I learned to think visually as well, adding layout, photography and graphics to the mix.

The need for a multi-medium approach to communication, particularly in the modern era of rapidly evolving technology, diminished attention spans, ever-increasing competition and ambient "white noise" is clear. Proactive companies have adopted this approach with customers. They employ official websites and Facebook pages, advertise in nontraditional media and customize their message for different markets. But most fail to make a corresponding internal shift.

How can the external message be crystal clear when the internal cacophony is incoherent and disruptive?

As a communications consultant, I routinely work with individuals, small businesses and large corporations to align internal dialogue and the external message. This effort takes many forms, including training, revamping workflow, installing technology and implementing new communication protocols. The issue comes up even in organizing content for corporate websites. The process of distilling diverse marketing messages and departmental objectives into core site architecture and user friendly navigation interfaces often unveils deep-seated conflicts that must be resolved.

Though it's not always an easy undertaking, it is certainly worth the effort. As companies refine and gain control over their internal communications, they find communicating with customers to be easier and more fruitful as well. I'm proud of my contributions in this area to a large number of happy clients and I look forward to helping others apply strategic thinking to how they communicate throughout their organization.

Contact me to learn about the services I offer - everything from copywriting and design support to full scale communications, marketing and branding campaigns. Fees are reasonable and the return on your investment is measureable.


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