Forbidden Kiss

  In the heart
     of an oppressive desert night,
       flocks of emotion
             took sudden flight!
     Growing, rising overhead
   they watched from above, our lovers' bed.
  There in the sheets of their shade
    We took a chance.
    We seized the fleeting circumstance.

A kiss...

A kiss...
    from the whole world hidden
    was our trespass into a bliss forbidden.

  And so my soul now wars with itself
    one side is blind, the other is deaf.
  The right retreats,
    You must subdue this passion, then
    cage it in your heart again.
  The left rebuts,
    Set it free
    let it drown the roar of the sea!

  But I still torn, each day must face
      the loss of our gentle embrace.
  Daily I fear that I'll miss
       the sequel to that forbidden kiss...