Darkness is lifting
Outlooks are shifting
People are singing 
Old shackles they’re flinging
New dreams we are voicing
As the Earth is rejoicing
Children are prancing
The planets are dancing
The World is expanding
The weary are standing
Oppressors are fleeing
The blind are now seeing
The masses are cheering
New sounds I am hearing
My passion is burning
Because I am learning
Visions are appearing
There’s nothing I am fearing
I'm strong and not shaking
Advancing without braking
I feel myself growing
I see myself glowing
With the tide I am rowing
My people I am towing
I am no longer drifting
the world is uplifting
Wisdom is unsheathing
And I’m finally breathing
I’m reaching what I'm seeking
I’m succeeding without sneaking
What I want I am making
My heart is not aching
Apathy is leaving,
It flees the love I’m receiving

All troubles are dismissed
Just because you exist.