Life tried
to play a trick on me
and lied
about the deserts
and the sea.
Life lied about the night.
Life lied about the day.
And why men sometimes fight,
And why they sometimes pray.

One moment she put me in the
morning sun. The next,
clouds came and
my golden sky was gone!
Then the storm chased
itself away!
and rainbows lit the path
to a brighter day.

I hid beneath a tree
from midnight
till the clock said it was noon
to see the same game played
by the coy sun
and her lover moon.

Day on to day,
week on to week,
sometimes birds sing,
sometimes they shriek!

And that is the rub!
We are our own
Guiding Light
Life presents a double vision, we
can’t always trust our sight.

Each moment is a choice,
A silence to which
we add our voice.
I am content in the world
in rain
because I know
I will make it sunny again.