Fly Young Dove

Fly! young dove,
and cast your rolling shadow
on the sleeping earth below.
Let the creatures that there dwell
dream in darkness
of the scent of the sky,
the caring caress of clouds,
and the sun’s simple sweetness.
Swallow the shimmering stars,
dance with the moon,
and sip the morning dew.
Let the autumn breeze whisper her secrets
softly to your soul.
Bathe in the ageless wisdom
of oceans that connect continents
and hide history in their depths.
See, smell, taste and touch
the grandeur of life.
Dive into its canyons.
Soar above its peaks.
Marvel at its magic.

Then perch one day on a rooted branch
among the clatter of wilderness.
From there sing glorious melodies
of all that you surveyed.
Betray the breeze,
expose the ocean's inner truth,
unearth the mysteries of the world
in your encompassing voice.
Give birth to a new dialog.
Drown the raging silence of confusion
with visions of possibility.
Fly young dove,
Soar that others will awaken,
take flight at your side,
and join your righteous song.