Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are the hardest things to do
You have to see through the dirt on a stranger's face
    so you can recognize his soul, his humanity
    beneath the mask of stereotypes and judgment
You have to feel a connection to individuals
    and to everyone
You have to see the invisible people living in gutters
    and the lonely ones hurting in mansions on the hill.

Random acts of kindness are the easiest things to do
You get to see yourself reflected in someone else's joyful tears
    with an arm outstretched
    an encompassing heart
    and an honest smile
You get to feel the warmth of a hug
    of a "thank you"
You get paid for your effort every day from that very moment
    knowing in your heart that you stopped where others kept on
    you looked around
    you saw the world
    you reached out
    and you kept love alive one more day.