Do circles have a beginning?

Do circles have a beginning,
a specific start in time and space
like the first rain drops in a great flood,
or are they boundless and eternal like the sea?

Love is a circle.
In its infancy it has a source,
conceived by the heart.
The senses converge
in one instant of spontaneous fluid bliss
and explode, spilling onto a white canvass.
The drops multiply and connect
forming a recognizable shape.

The source of that shape matters
for no more than a moment.
Initiated, circles complete quickly
and cannot reflect on the past.
Once fully formed,
the circle of love is recursive,
the beginning is a memory,
the middle, pregnant with possibility,
the end will never exist.

Today, your circle is complete
like golden rings of matrimony.
It is whole and boundless.
Its origin no longer important.
There will never be a conclusion.
Each step into the future instantly becomes
a new present, a new now, full of potential.

Love is a circle.
In its robust and inclusive domain
you will grow; dancing, spinning wildly in song.
Your momentum will carry you farther
from the center, pushing ever outward,
expanding your circle,
expanding your love.

Love is a circle.
In its robust and inclusive domain
you are never alone.
Even what lies without is defined by its absence
from inside your circle.
The world is created and named
in its relation to your love.

Circles have a beginning.
That’s a matter of logistical necessity.
That they do not have an end
is our great salvation.
Your love makes all love possible.
Your love creates all love.
Your love completes an eternal circle.