Gang rape on Broadway and Fourth, Los Angeles
Friday morning, May 11, 1992 - 1:26 am

a mass of people throbbing in the street
    maybe twenty, maybe more
And lights too
bright, colorful lights
Pulsing On and On and On
with ridiculous electric messages

                    * NUDES *

               * X X X *

                        * FLESH DANCE *

Come in, come in
the show is free

carnivals, holidays, fiestas
were different times than this.

no cotton candy for the kids
just pubic hair and sour sweat
there's blood too. . . 
her bare back. . .
It is vulgar to be out so late
some say dangerous

didn't she know better?
Power pounding on her invisible breast
Clothing shrieks screams ignored by the rest
echoing unheard in empty hearts
a silent whimper as a crowd departs