Let’s walk, not run

She said heart
let’s walk, not run
and I was overjoyed
to know she wanted to protect
the seedling love
that a blind stampede
would surely have destroyed.

I said heart
let’s walk, not run
let’s together go
let’s nurture
what we’ve already planted
that it may slowly grow.
Let’s walk, not run
the harvest cannot be rushed
or beneath our too eager feet
a hopeful future
may savagely be crushed.

Dear heart,
I wish to remember
when old, we rest
in the shelter of our tree
how every leaf of hers
how every root and every branch
and each sweet fruit
slowly came to be.
Running we may stumble
in haste we may lose our way
but walking we will comprehend
every precious day.

Let’s walk, not run
take deliberate steps ahead
so careful not to stop
like a diligent gardner
daily tending to his crop.

Let’s walk, dear heart
Let’s walk.

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